My Unbiased Schnee’s Timberline Boot Review


You may be like me and have heard of Schnee’s boots from an outdoor television show, article, or you may have never heard of them at all. I wear boots on a daily basis, whether it be at work, hunting or at home so I guess you could say I am very particular about my boots. Through out my life I never paid very much attention to quality and comfort when it came to hunting boots. The majority of hunts I have been on did not require miles of trekking. With that in mind, I always bought cheap insulated boots. So a boot such as Schnee’s was never on my radar. Went on a bear hunt last year and just from the scouting earlier in the year I knew it was going to be tough physically and would need a good pair of boots. So I purchased some “quality name brand boots” but they was not Schnee’s. I will not name the brand that I purchased but I will tell you that after that hunt it took days for my feet to recover. I was very upset after spending the money and it turning out to be a total waste but I was willing to at least give another boot company a shot.

I heard about Schnee’s from the popular hunting show Meat Eater. I very rarely give credence to any type of sponsors of hunting shows because the hunting industry has been saturated with products that do not work and are only for selling as much product as possible to make a buck. I was still interested in owning a pair and giving the brand a shot. My only problem is they are in Montana and I am in Georgia. I couldn’t just drive to town and try on a pair so I called. I cannot remember the lady’s name that I spoke with but she was super helpful. Right then I at least knew customer service was well above par. I told her my situation that I lived in Georgia and told her the type of hunting I would be doing here and out West and she recommended the Timberline boots. I informed her that I was “flat footed” and have had issues with boots in the past. She informed me to order my normal size and once I received them if there was any issue we should be able to resolve it simply with an insole replacement. So I did.

It took around a week or so for them to arrive, which is completely fine. The minute I put them on I knew I was dealing with a great boot making company. The term “fits like a glove” should be changed to “fits like a Schnee’s boot”. Not joking. Normally, the break in period is not the greatest for any boot. I typically just bare through it and everything works itself out. I was very happy that the Schnee’s boots were not as rigid and stiff as most boots are at the beginning. As far as wearing them to town or just around the house the break in has gone great. So far I have not needed a different insole. But before my next long trip I am going to make room to pack another pair of insoles to test them out and see which my feet prefer but again insoles are easy to replace and no matter the boot the insoles are always the first to go. I have not used them in the cold yet even though these are not extreme cold weather boots. For what I will be using them for I think they will be fine. I have been wearing them in 90+ degree weather and to my surprise my feet have sweat very minimal.

Moving on to the the price point. I purchased mine directly from Schnee’s website for $399. I am not a wealthy person by no means and that is a substantial amount of money to me or I feel like to anyone. For a long time now, we especially as Americans, have been flooded with cheap products and we have become accustomed to the more is better mentality. The older I get the more I appreciate and will pay more for certain things. For instance, the other day I called to activate a replacement credit card and it took way longer than it should because the person on the other end of the phone barely spoke English and for the life of me I could not understand him. So long story short, I will pay more for great quality and customer service if I feel it matches the price point. To put that into perspective, the boots that almost crippled me and have been sitting on my back porch for a year, that I am just hoping a stray dog will carry off because I don’t like throwing stuff away I paid good money for, cost me $270 dollars. So by all means $399 dollars is nothing when you have my experience to contrast it with. I will do more torture testing and evaluation of the Schnee’s boots but for now I am proud to have them on my boot rack.

I can’t let Schnee’s off that easy without a complaint if I did people may think I am promoting them for advertisement purposes. My one and only complaint is to the lady that I spoke with on the phone… You could have told me the boots were going to be on sale if I waited another week to order them!!!! I am joking but seriously the very next week I ordered them they went on sale so be sure to ask if you call them.

Last modified: September 1, 2020

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