PETA, This Is What You Should Do. Sincerely, A Hunter.


The title of this post references PETA as its target objective but this is a message to all anti-hunting activists. I, as a hunter, have long searched the deepest part of my inner self to comprehend an anti-hunters agenda and ideology. Most hunters or conservationists just label them as an ignorant and ill-informed group of people. By putting that label on them and ignoring their significance, I feel, leaves too much on the table of things that can be accomplished regardless of personal feelings towards one another. As a conservationist, we should never allow hunting/fishing to become a political movement. Hunters have stayed off the political radar for a long time. If it ever comes to the point in this society that we have to choose a presidential candidate that is “for hunting”, the tides have changed, and not in our favor. We should regard hunting/fishing as not only a God-given right but an American right that is not up for discussion. Now, moving on to PETA… How can hunters and anti-hunters co-exist? Here is how.

The first thing that has to happen is by far the hardest. PETA, you’re going to have to ground your ambitions and goals in reality. It is a tough pill to swallow, I know. But once that has happened, the possibilities are endless for you. Here are some examples of reality that you should consider. The PETA organization appears to have 6.5 million contributors worldwide.  The number of hunters in America fluctuates year to year; based on the purchase of hunting licenses over the past ten years, hunters’ numbers are around 13 million just in the United States. So, if we are talking a numbers game, you’re losing. Not that any of us hunters see the profits, but your also fighting a billion-dollar hunting industry. Whether you’re a republican or democrat, it is very clear to see that Corporations get their way in America more than not. This is not an attack on corporations, this is putting things into perspective. In theory, if hunting was abolished who would enforce it? State Game Wardens?…every state’s department of wildlife is already stretched to the limit. Did you know it is common for one game warden’s territory to patrol to be over 100 square miles? In some cases one game warden for a thousand square miles. So you may be asking, who enforces the current hunting laws? We do, hunters. I am not taking away any credit from a state wildlife’s law enforcement but any of them would tell you that if even 2% of hunters were not law-abiding citizens, they would have a crisis on their hands. So the “Green Men”, as I call them, enforce the law the best they can in hopes of deterring others from breaking the law. But the conservation and law enforcement part relies on the hunter. So how would abolishing hunting even be accomplished?…are you starting to get the picture?

If you are looking for people that are great stewards of the land and wildlife, you will find none better than a hunter. Once you realize that, great things can be done together. I am not asking you to help us hunters fight and lobby for more public land access, just like you shouldn’t ask a hunter to attend a rally for Veganism. But, what about the hundreds of permits that are filed each year to dam up streams and all but eradicate the native freshwater fish and marine wildlife? Is that not a noble cause for your organization?  Or what about mining and gas line permits that displace and kill the animals in the region? One example that thankfully got tossed out was the Susitna Hydroelectric Project in Alaska. It was a project to build two dams on the Susitna River. That in turn, would have stopped the salmon from reaching their spawning grounds up the Susitna River. We are talking about millions of salmon that would no longer exist. Now PETA, if I am being honest I have never been to Alaska, but I would love to be able to go and catch a salmon on a fly and have the experience of eating fresh-caught salmon. If life would not have it and I never get the chance to go, I would still want that avenue of experience to be open for my future children and others. This bill was first introduced in the 1960s and it keeps popping back up just like others. As a proclaimed animal rights activist organization, I see no better mission for your group than examples just as these. Sure,  it doesn’t make a compelling and tear-jerking TV commercial, like an animal being abused by its owner. But creating and preserving wildlife is a worthy cause nonetheless. If you’re able as an organization to start fighting these matters, I will personally help and contribute to your cause of animal cruelty and other matters, as many other hunters would. There are instances where I feel we are fighting for some of the same issues, yet your focus wants to be on demonizing a group of people that are doing what they have been doing since the beginning. We as hunters, are stewards of the land and will fight for the right to produce our own meat. We do not have to get along or even agree on many issues, but channeling your energy on preserving and creating new wildlife makes the entire world a better place. I leave you with these words PETA: If there was no God, an atheist would not exist. If there were not hunters, anti-hunters would not exist but… if there were no anti-hunters, hunters would still exist.



A Hunter


Last modified: February 14, 2020

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