Wind Is Not Your Friend


“All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife.”


There is only a few occasions throughout the year that get me as excited and motivated as Georgia deer season. Every year starting in August I get my trail cameras out and start planning my assault for tree stand placement. Although I will admit that most of my life the tree stands tend get placed with convenience for myself over what is best for actually seeing deer. There are many things in life that one must experience or do the “hard way” to finally understand how wrong you have been this whole time. My carelessness of where I placed my tree stands can be compared to a person who cheated on their taxes year on end and everything continually seems great…until you get caught. That is exactly what happened to me. No, I did not get caught cheating on my taxes; the deer finally caught me. Call it blind luck or whatever you want, but all my life I have never had the issues that I started out with this year.

My first location for stands this year did not account for an important factor, if not the most important factor…the wind. Hunting with the wind at your back is as much of an atrocious act as leaving your rifle at home. I know what you are thinking. “This guy is a rookie and has no clue about hunting whitetail.” But like I said before, wind direction has never impacted my hunting to the degree it has this year. I have hunted all manner of game including coyotes and when I hunt them I always and I mean always account for the wind, among other things. Coyotes are a very good game to hunt to see if you are on top of your game. Why did I neglect that so much hunting deer? There is only one answer that makes sense. I got lazy.

After a few days into opening day of rifle season two does stepped out of the planted pines that borders my hardwood bottom that I am sitting in (one doe being the same that I missed two weeks earlier during archery season at 26 yards, but we will save that for another time). The deer took about five to six steps into my hardwood bottom, put their noses in the air, quickly turned and disappeared as swiftly as they came. Two more instances just as that happened to me; That is what got me reevaluating my choices and exactly how much I really know. I spent the next few days pondering on all that these deer have taught me and the next day took off of work to move my tree stands. These deer taught me a very important lesson in life, taking the easy road is actually not easy at all.. taking the easy path, in the long run, yields minimal and meaningless results. That is why I am writing this post now. Not only as informative literature but as me venturing off the easy path into the uncharted. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this as well as much more to come!

Last modified: January 29, 2020